Currently in Los Angeles


A seasoned, versatile & enthusiastic Front-End Engineer, with 8+ years of experience. Brings an unwavering commitment to coding, launching and maintaining well-tested, secure websites, with expertise across multiple languages, frameworks & platforms.

Takes great pride in building performant, accessible websites that render high Core Web Vitals; skilled in implementing designs as closely as possible during the development process. Enjoys staying abreast of latest Front End practice & identifying optimal solutions according to current web standards.

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HTML, SCSS, JS, Gatsby Cloud, Wordpress, Shopify



Bala Bangels - Balacize



A colorful, design-driven workout experience for fans of Bala fitness accessories. Conceptualized as an opportunity for the brand’s exponentially growing community to optimize workouts and explore new ways of using Bala’s colorful, design-centric workout accessories, the new platform launches with 100 workout modules.


  1. Bala Bangels - Balacize(2022)
  2. TaylorMade - MyTaylorMade+(2021)
  3. ShiftLeft(2021)
  4. The Underground Museum(2021)
  5. Yair Sarmiento(2021)
  6. RGRQ(2020)
  7. Darren Vargas(2022)